Business Intelligence (BI) and advanced data analytics are creating profound new opportunities for businesses. To realize the value of business intelligence, organizations need to make strategic decisions, yet only 5% of companies are able to orchestrate their internal resources for BI system design, implementation and assessment.

Kanalytix is a Business Intelligence and Data Analytics consulting firm helping businesses in Hawaii navigate their digital transformation journey. Our team helps businesses build the right BI capabilities to make intelligent decisions about their customers, brand, competitors, operations and market opportunities. We can help organizations apply an integrated approach to identifying their data and system needs, evaluating existing BI initiatives, and constructing lucrative BI processes. Our service portfolio includes BI system Design, Implementation and Assessment.


  • BI Strategy & Roadmap
  • BI Competency Center
  • BI Architecture Services


  • Marketing Intelligence and Customer Aanalytics
  • Operational & Performance Intelligence
  • Human Resource Intelligence


  • BI Need Assessment
  • BI System Audit
  • BI Results Evaluation

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Thank you for your interest in Kanalytix. We can assist your organization from the strategy and planning phase through implementation across many industries. Please use the contact form on the right side if you have any questions or requests, concerning our services or solutions. The more info you provide, the better we can help you! We will respond to your message within 24 hours.

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